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Our basic philosophy is to [Become a social enterprise].


Our Box Group aims to be a social enterprise.
Social enterprises are not only for pursuing profits but also companies that reduce management's income, provide better services cheaperly, return to the community and walk with society.
It is operated with low profit one by one, and it is managed while being supported by local people, related companies, and related companies.

"Hokubu Construction Co., Ltd." in the construction division offers cheaply good products on their own operations and methods of stocking materials, and has a reputation for the quality of construction, we are pleased with everyone. Also, we are not carrying out work to issue or receive bills.
Please see the skill of carpenters carefully selected by us.

Although the business is small, how far can we strive with our power and we can serve you all?
Myself, employees, all the people concerned are burning with a sense of mission and struggling day by day.

We look forward to your continued participation in the box group.

· Sapporo Judo Federation Vice Chairperson (6th)
· Advisor of Aoyama Kenkyu Medical Corporation
· Sapporo Daiichi High School Alumni Association Chairman
· Vice President, NPO Japan Youth Working Support Center
· General Foundation / Vice Chairman of NPO Kokusai-kyokugekidan

President Katsuyuki Nakamori


Volunteering Activities

Aiming to contribute to society to everyone in the region


We have been offering free food to our children so far. In addition, he has sponsored the International Song Theater Company, which is acting to stop self-death and drugs. It is a volunteer security staff organized by judo rank holder and physicians who are mainly composed of employees of the company and is a security staff of volunteers, mainly from wheelchair people, kindergartens, female artists coming from Tokyo to Sapporo and women casters We have carried out. Recently, we have been carrying out guarding and security a few times when Mrs. Abe's bid alone is bidding.
While continuing these activities, we will continue to engage in employee development and volunteer activities as a whole, so that we can serve the community, we look forward to your long-awaited continued support.
... Thanks.





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