Purchasing Process



Typical flow when considering purchased properties


STEP1 : Selecting a property


STEP2 : Site visit


STEP3 : Purchasing


STEP4 : Signing the contract


STEP5 : Property handover



Cost example for purchased property

Price (bldg+land)  
ConsumptionTax 8% of building price
Brokerage Fee 3% of Price (bldg+land)
Stamp Duty ※ "Stamp duty" changeable depends on purchasing price from 200Yen to 600,000Yen.
Registration tax (land) 1.5% of "Official evaluated Price"
Registration tax (bldg) 2% of "Official evaluated Price"
  ※ "Official evaluated Price" is on "Official Certification" which is issued to the property owner from Tax office.
Real-estate acquisition tax (land) 3%-4% of "Official evaluated Price"
Real-estate acquisition tax (bldg) 3% of "Official evaluated Price"
Judicial-scrivener Fee  
Mortgage Settlement tax 0.4% of "Mortgage Amount"
Loan-financing Charge Average price (changeable in case)